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Paola Mora


About me

Hello my name is Paola, I am a professional cleaner, based out of East York, Ontario. I specialize in household cleaning, as well as office cleaning. People who know me say that I am a friendly person. I am fully vaccinated, I am very punctual and I don't smoke.

I love tidy and clean spaces, to me they give me a lot of peace. I am always looking for information and updating myself to improve the service, please feel comfortable telling me how you like things.

I enjoy having the opportunity to work in spaces where everything is not completely tidy, and you notice a big difference after I've been there, you can feel a change.

It is very rewarding to me when a client is happy to see the results of the service they have hired.

I look forward to transforming your house into a clean and beautiful home.

General Services

Extra Services

Products you have

If you do not have cleaning products on hand, I can bring cleaning products to use for an extra cost.